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“With Del’s help, I get really great grades in my examinations”
“The qualifications I’ve gained really make me stand out from the crowd”
“Public speaking doesn’t scare me anymore”
“I now know how to present complex information to my team and clients effectively and easily”

The Speaking Company


Del Costello is the director of The Speaking Company and over the last 15 years she has worked with thousands of young people, executives, business owners, HR directors, managers, and team leaders to help them experience the joy and power of communicating with clarity and confidence.

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Del Costello

People are often surprised to learn I'm an introvert!

 When it comes to speech anxiety, I really get it. And I can tell you for an absolute fact that public speaking is a skill that can be learned. I've Master’s degree in Education through the University of Canterbury, I’m an accredited examiner for Speech NZ and I’ve trained and I've worked as a speaking coach for the last 15 years. Over the years, I've developed exercises and strategies that have helped me and thousands of my clients understand how to manage our stress levels when the spotlight is on. I've also worked with executives—individually and in groups—at every level of their public speaking journey and have witnessed tremendous success overcoming anxiety and becoming excellent speakers.



We offer a range of services for young people and adults, individuals, groups and corporate teams.


1x1 Coaching

Youth Coaching

Team Training



How much time does it take to become a good speaker? What can we really accomplish in two or three sessions?
Becoming a great speaker is a journey. Even the very best speakers work on their craft daily. It’s about developing a model cycle of reflection-celebration- adjustment. You can make tremendous progress toward your goals over 2-3 sessions of 1:1 coaching if you’re committed to practicing and changing your habits on a daily basis. I’ve seen clients with severe speech anxiety present with confidence at large high-stakes events after only 4-6 hours of 1:1 coaching.
Do you work with clients remotely?
Yes, I offer 1:1 coaching remotely and I also lead remote trainings for teams over Zoom. It’s a great way to work because we can record our sessions for your future reference.
I know nothing about public speaking. Do you work with beginners?
Absolutely! I work with speakers at all levels, from clients who have long avoided public speaking at all costs to clients who are accomplished speakers and want to take their skills to the next level. My 1:1 coaching and team trainings are customized to meet your needs, and I meet you where you are.
I’d like to do this with my partner/friend/co-worker. Could you coach two people together?
Yes. Please contact me so we can customize a 2:1 coaching package that matches your needs.
English is my second language. Can you help me with that?
YES! I am a qualified ELL teacher and although my work does not focus on language acquisition, I can really support ELL learners to improve their presenting. I work with non-native English speakers who want to boost their impact as public speakers.
I can trace my fear of public speaking to my childhood. How deep do we go in the sessions?
I’m not a licensed psychologist, so I can’t diagnose your anxiety or offer counseling. Instead, I understand speech anxiety and help you build tools to work with it. We’ll explore the roots of your speech anxiety through thoughtful discussion and then get to work tackling your anxiety through practical strategies, tools, and frameworks that you can implement before every meeting or presentation to calm your body, focus your mind, and organize your thoughts.
Is there a best time of day to work together? I’m trying to figure out how to add this into my already busy schedule.
Most of my clients find evenings are best but if you would like to make a time during the day that is fine too.
Do you offer public classes?
Yes, click here for the dates.
Do you work with children or teens?
Yes I do! Working with young people is an important part of my work. Building skills when you are young is important. 1:1 programmes are available or check out the Speech and Drama options for group classes.
I want to learn how to be a motivational speaker. Do you offer a package for that?
If you need a coach to help you craft a powerful and inspiring talk, I’m an expert at helping you shape your content and nail your delivery.
  • Sally Hall
    Sally Hall
    HR Manager

    "We can not speak highly enough of this programme. The reason it is such a success is that the emphasis is placed on 'your' work environment - it is not a one size fits all. Del seems to have this knack of understanding the team and individuals very quickly and making sure that they have a new level of confidence, not only in their presentation skills. This is the best programme I have introduced to our team and we will keep working with The Speaking Company to develop our staff."

  • Kate Spear
    Kate Spear
    Professional Advisor

    "The Speaking Company programme was just what I needed. It boosted my confidence and provided me with the tools to be able to competently speak at an international conference. The programme focuses on extemporaneous delivery which is a great presentation style to develop. Del’s relaxed and friendly approach make the sessions memorable and fun. Thank you Del."

  • Brooke Daniells
    Brooke Daniells
    Team Leader Records Management and Business Support

    "Thank you Del and The Speaking Company! I presented at the ALGIM conference in Palmerston North and thanks to you are your coaching it went GREAT! I used my slides and talked clearly (no ums and ahs) and didn’t even need to refer to my notes. I can’t believe I have gone from the person who struggled to say my name sitting in front of a group of strangers, to standing up proudly presenting! Thank you so much Del - now I feel I can do anything."

  • Michelle Allan
    Michelle Allan
    Events Specialist

    “Thank you for presenting at the 2015 Chartered Accountants Women’s Workshop last week. You are a fantastic, dynamic presenter and it was extremely valuable to have you involved. Your presentation definitely added the WOW factor to our day and the attendees rated you very highly. I hope we can do more work together soon.”

  • Horizons Regional Council
    Horizons Regional Council
    Rural Advisor

    “Thank you for an excellent Professional Speaking course. I have had some experience and training in speaking but your course taught me more than anything else I’ve done. I will feel more confident about public speaking the next time I’m asked to speak.”

  • Justine and Geoff Ross
    Justine and Geoff Ross
    Lake Hawea Station

    “We wanted to express our deep gratitude to Del Costello for her teaching on line this year. Del had a talented but vaguely reluctant 15 year old boy to nurture through Trinity Grade 7 – in record time.
    Her steady hand, knowledge of the requirements and warm teaching methods ensured Gabe looked forward to the weekly sessions.
    Our son is an outdoor guy, hunting, fishing, surfing, cricket so fitting in Speech and Drama was a challenge but Del always had empathy for his ‘other life’ and she used this to build a quick and important rapport.
    Gabe achieved an outstanding result this year and he will undoubtedly carry on with Trinity thanks to this wonderful experience.”



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