What can you expect from specialist public speaking and communication coaching?

Let's face it, there are literally 1000's of books on Public Speaking and Confidence in the market place! What makes our programmes different is the unique coaching techniques that help partipiants to make real change. Change to planning, preparation, deliver and mindset regardless of the communiation situation.

"My goal is to get people to shift - I work very hard to put people a easy, to take the 'scarey' out of it and give them the tools to make genuine connections with audiences"


An extempore (conversational) speaking style is encouraged. This creates presentations that a prepared, planned, professional and vital.  Speakers are encouraged to be themselves and to develop a presenting style that is reflective of their personality while achieving the objectives of the presentation. All courses cover voice production and physical management in a speaker.



Duration 6-16 hours (depending on the number of participants)

Investment: $450- $550 +gst per person

This course is designed to provide the essential skills required to be a confident presenter and public speaker.  Suited to the novice or self-taught presenter this programme gives participants the confidence to develop their individual style of presenting while connecting with all audiences.

The skill areas that could be included are listed below:.

Informative Presentations

Formal/Informal Social Speaking ( for example, honouring a colleague or distinguished person, promote your organisation or profession, thanking a presenter, welcoming a presenter, general celebrations)

Impromptu Speaking  or Persuasive Speaking or Reading Aloud or Running Effective Meetings or Using Body Language to your Advantage. (depending on participants needs)



Course Duration: 6-16 hours (depending on the number of participants)

Investment: $450 - $550 +gst per person

This course is designed for the confident presenter and public speaker who wants to perfect thier art and take it to the next level.

       1. Informative Speaking-presentations of data, information and detail that will connect with the audience.

       2. Persuasive Speaking- understand and utilize the elements of persuasion in presentations.  Participants will present a business case or proposal, make a call for change/action.

       3. Powerful Social/Entertaining or Key Note addresses. Participants will begin to develop a style that will allow them to excel in the Key Note address or After Dinner Addresses.


Investment: $150 per person

A quick fire workshop for those who have less time.  A two hour group workshop will cover the basics and participants will book a half hour individual coaching session with Del Costello at a mutually agreeable time.  A great starting point or refresher for those just starting out or getting back to presenting. Covers: Planning, style, body language, powerpoint/visuals, audience connection.


Workshop Options:               1.5 hours plus 1/2 hour personal coaching $150 +gst per person

                                                   Full Day Workshop $1200 +gst




A programme designed to have participants delivering teaching sessions using all the techniques required to be a successful teacher.  This course is run in house and designed to suit your business.  Enquire about the options.


Workshop Duration: 2 hours

Investment: $150 per person

Do you want to know how to hit the mark every time?

Could you be better at making a first impression?

Do you want to know what you can do to really influence decisions and situations?

Do you want to make the most of networking situations without seeming pushy?

This fast paced workshop covers the essential elements that we all need to get make a great impression.  Each participant will have the opportunity to critically assess themselves, be given tools and a direction for change.

Areas covered:  First impressions, body language, assumptions, positive talk, positive energy and commitment, networking.

You never get a second chance to make a first impression”



Learn how to get the best out of your PowerPoint Presentation and what are the alternatives.  A "must do" for those people presenting figures and detailed information.

Workshop Duration: 1.5 hours

Investment: $150 per person



These days many of us have ‘coach’ for loads of things-at the gym, a life coach, a leadership coach, a business coach and the list goes on. Why not a presentation coach?

I have developed this programme for those of you who are either too busy to come along to a series class or who would prefer to have some one on one coaching with me in a private environment.  First consultation is free and from there, if we think that there is some value in working together, we will formulate an approach.  Gain more confidence, more time through astute preparation, more impact and more connections or simply move forward toward excellence.

Investment $250-750 +gst depending on the programme duration.



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